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coz with you ...

Let us stop the time right here, right now just pretend we won't be missing the priar life with it's sun and snow I want to get stuck in this moment like forever neverland without always or never cause with you I feel human, I feel that I matter with you it's like I'm free to fly or to fall, whatever But time never stops and we both seem to ignore that we might be falling in love this time for sure ... <3
2.12.06 00:34

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en...*TER IN-sidel out-SIDEl f*ck!ng sTaMp$?!


I've done a GOOD job TRyING to ... LOVE YOU bUt it makes me look like a FOOL tHat I CAN NOT let you go ... tHe HURT??!! I don't think YOU've ever been cLose. tO tHiS?! InSaNiTy looks NORMAL next to it ...



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