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...You don't know me
I don't know you
All we know
is that what we are
will be in us
as long as we share
this world...

Ich mag diese...
Musiker: MuSe, ReD hOt cHiLi PePpErS, FrAnZ fErDiNaNd, ThE vErVe, ...
SqUaRePuShEr, tHe fLaShbUlB, cHrIs cLaRkE, ...
ViTaLiC, LaUrEnT gArNiEr, MiSs KitTiN, 2 MaNy Dj'S, Dj CoOnE, ....
ToRcH, SaMy D., MoSeS PeLhAm, ShiMl, ...

Lieder: *favourite right now : xtc illegale droge (dj coone)*
~some other favourites: Frank Sinatra (Miss Kittin ft. the Hacker) , Sunburn (Muse)~ ++a LoT mOrE

Sendungen: FrIeNdS ... *"Oh that's easy!" "Ross, I don't wanna be married!"*
Sex and the City ... *"Was the one really out there?"*
Ally Mc Beal ... *"It doesn't work for lonely, but happy is easy"*

Filme: Saw II.
Scary Movie III.
Cruel Intentions (=Eiskalte Engel)
The Amytiville Horror
The Beach
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Pulp Fiction
So High!
...a LoT mOrE...

Schauspieler: Johnny Depp ^^
Bücher: Odem: On the Run!
Der Schwarm
Illuminati , Sakrileg, Meteor , Diabolo

Autoren: Ka
Dan Brown

Sportarten: bLuBb
Sportler: ?! wtf ^^
Hobbies: rumgammeln
Orte: park,see,...bett...bei kev...überall wo's eben geil is oder chill

Mehr über mich...



en...*TER IN-sidel out-SIDEl f*ck!ng sTaMp$?!


I've done a GOOD job TRyING to ... LOVE YOU bUt it makes me look like a FOOL tHat I CAN NOT let you go ... tHe HURT??!! I don't think YOU've ever been cLose. tO tHiS?! InSaNiTy looks NORMAL next to it ...



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